Who We Are

Who We Are

FAX Capital is an investment holding company.  We are a permanent capital vehicle, allowing us to take a true long-term approach to investing, providing the foundation to maximize compounding and to hold quality investments indefinitely.  We have full flexibility in our investment mandate, allowing us to invest in public and private companies, across the capital structure, and in a wide variety of industries.  We are active owners, working collaboratively to augment already strong management teams, leveraging our experience in business building and capital markets expertise.  We have a deep and demonstrable track record of value creation, both as operators and as investors.

Investment Principles

  • Will invest with a long-term view;
  • May invest in both public and private companies;
  • Will take a concentrated approach to portfolio construction (which is initially expected to include 10-15 target companies);
  • May invest across the capital structure, tailoring its investments, where appropriate, to the needs of portfolio companies including through equity, debt and/or hybrid securities;
  • Will invest in high-quality businesses or those that have the potential to be high-quality businesses;
  • Will work for continuous improvement in the performance of portfolio companies through active ownership and the leveraging of its industry experience, business contact network and financial strength; and
  • Will seek to promote and encourage best-in-class governance practices in the portfolio companies.

Competitive Strengths

Long-term view. By emphasizing a long-term perspective, FAX Capital is able to make the commitments necessary to allow investments to realize their full potential, maximizing absolute returns by exploiting opportunities in a market that is increasingly short-term focused and unwilling or unable to sustain short-term volatility and attracting companies that want true long-term partners.

Active ownership. FAX Capital believes in active ownership to constructively influence the activities or behaviour of portfolio companies. Active ownership is an effective means to minimize investment risks and maximize returns as it not only provides for potentially higher financial returns, but it also enhances communication, provides more comprehensive knowledge, and stronger relationships with portfolio companies.

Flexible mandate. FAX Capital has implemented a flexible investment mandate with the capability to invest across the capital structure, tailoring its investments to the needs of portfolio companies and the Company’s stakeholders. This flexibility increases the likelihood of closing transactions, helps to optimize the portfolio company’s capital structure and may mitigate investment risk.

Permanent capital. FAX Capital operates with a permanent capital base – capital not subject to withdrawal or redemption – which is an essential component of wealth maximization through the power of compounding and the ability to invest in longer-term growth strategies. Permanent capital also affords the Company with enhanced stability, particularly in downturns in the economy when capital is scarce, and reduces portfolio turnover.

Public currency. FAX Capital’s ability, where appropriate, to offer its publicly traded Subordinate Voting Shares as a means of payment for private businesses is likely to be valued by business owners looking to maximize tax deferral benefits and gain access to ownership in a more liquid and diversified portfolio of investments.

Experienced management. FAX Capital has an experienced executive team that can provide perspective on how to build and scale organizations, having successfully built and sold a number of businesses over the past 40 years. The Company has an experienced investment team with a demonstrable track record of recognizing and capitalizing on investment opportunities in both public and private markets. The investment team’s diverse background and skillset provides a unique investment perspective as well as a focused and disciplined philosophy and proven framework, which is ideally suited to implement the Company’s investment strategy.